Metallus Metallbaukästen

Our Metallus metal construction sets demand and enhance creativity, finger feeling and three-dimensional thinking for young and experienced old constructing engineers. Today, in the information oversaturated environment our construction sets will help young people to expand their basic skills for the future.

The range of our construction sets starts with the set "Berchtesgaden". This set is followed by other ones that are named by German cities. The biggest one is the construction set "Berlin" that contains more than 2700 parts.

Furthermore we offer a gear construction sets for technical interested people. With these kind of kits the assembling of small translations to the point of complex gearboxes becomes concrete.

Further themed constructions sets complete our range of products. The models of an "Ottomeyer Steam Locomobile" and a "Post Mill" enables you to build big detailed jewels of models by a construction manual. The creativity should not be limited by the manual, but being extended by personal additions to create an individual model.

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